Irma continues to fluctuate in strength, as the now Category 2 hurricane slowly dwindles west in the open Atlantic Ocean.

Early Saturday, Irma downgraded from a major hurricane into a Category 2, with sustained winds of 110 mph. However, despite frequent fluctuation in strength, Irma is still expected to remain a powerful hurricane through the next five days.

Over the next five days, the National Hurricane Center has the storm forecast to trek west over the Atlantic, approach the Lesser Antilles by Wednesday, and then likely steer northwest.

Beyond the next five days however, there is just too much uncertainty to put together an accurate forecast of where the storm will head.

That being said, through the next week, the people of Houston should not lose sleep over Irma.

The storm is still nearly 2,000 miles out at sea, and if any Hurricane Watches were to be issued for the United States, it’s likely they’d be out by next weekend.