The National Hurricane Center is releasing a new product that will help you better understand the threat of a particular storm to where you live.

We've all followed closely the "cone of uncertainty" when hurricanes threaten our area - the "center line" is what many of us have watched over the years.

The new "cone" graphic will also take in to account the size of a hurricane. Past "cones" have only focused on the center or "eye" of a storm...not the potential impact area.

"This graphic is meant to show that even if you are not in the actual cone of uncertainty for a storm, you may be impacted by tropical storm or hurricane force winds," said KHOU sister station Meteorologist Tim Deegan.

Deegan says Hurricane Matthew is a perfect example of why this new graphic will help you understand hurricane forecasts better.

"The new graphic will help you better understand how a storm is likely to impact you." Deegan said.