With a cool front passing through the Houston area, it may start to feel like the Holidays.

Thanksgiving is just days away. But so many Harvey victims say, with the clean up, it’s hard to get into a festive spirit.

“The holidays have kind of become just another day. It’s just another week, another day, another season that we need to get through,” said Monica Myska from a borrowed couch in a Spring Branch rental home. The Myska’s have moved three times in the 12 weeks since Harvey flooded their Richmond home.

“In a way, a lot of the tradition has to go out the window this year, because it’s just a little bit painful," said Myska. “I lost some gifts in the flood, because I shop all year round.”

Her husband Jimmy Myska added, “with no body living there, we’re not going to put up a tree. And, I don’t know where we’re going to put up a tree this year.”

The Myska’s, like so many families had to strip their home after they were flooded. The Myska’s are hoping all necessary repairs will be done in about three months. So, while some of us are excited about a holiday break from work, flood victims see the holidays as a delay for home repairs.

“I apologize in advance, friends and family, you will not be getting a Christmas card this year,” laughed Monica Myska. “That’s just on the back burner, maybe next year.”