As the levee in the Sienna Plantation community looms as a threat, residents are hanging tough.

The river is expected to crest sometime between noon Thursday and Friday. Sand bags line the streets in preparation.

Flooding wasn't the first blow thrown by Mother Nature to the community this week. Before the water even started to rise, a tornado tore through the area early Saturday, leaving residents little time to clean up before the floods came. More than 50 homes suffered damage.

Still, residents are doing everything they can to look out for one another. Some are using ATVs to navigate the streets where water isn't too high. Others are using kayaks to cruise the deeper portions.

The Sienna Plantation community isn't the only spot where the levee remains problematic. West of Houston sits the Addicks and Barker reservoirs, where residents are expecting more water.

A mandatory evacuation was issued for several Barker area communities, but officials warn those residents to wait until daylight to leave.

On Wednesday, officials reported a sluff at the levee where water pushed against it, meaning a portion has eroded. They fear that an imbalance in pressure could result in a leak.