ROCKPORT, Texas -- The Rockport-Fulton marching band lost everything to Hurricane Harvey.

The high school's football team is playing on without the band this Friday, September 15.

Fortunately, the Seguin High School marching band will fill in when the Pirates take on Leander Glenn.

Hurricane Harvey smashed into Rockport, but today those terrible memories are being replaced by beautiful music from the Seguin High School marching band. They're practicing for tomorrow night's Rockport-Fulton football game against Leander Glenn that will be hosted at Seguin's Matador Stadium.

"It went from let's play the fight song to get them on the field, to let's just hang out the whole game and we'll play for them for the whole game. We will be their band for the day," Stan Mauldin, the Director of Bands at Seguin High School said.

Close to 200 members of the Seguin Mighty Matador Marching Band were practicing the Rockport-Fulton fight song and the Rockport-Fulton Alma Mater Thursday, that will welcome the football team and the school as a whole to Matador Stadium. They all volunteered!

"It is not something you are required to do but something that's a good feeling because they literally have nothing left and this is something big," said senior Stephanie Clark. Sophomore Hailey Merkel added, "Think about if you lost everything and you didn't have anything. You would want people to help you out."

Senior Richard Rivera told us, "Everyone wants to help in some kind of way and this is the way that we can help them."

Genesis Weitman, who is also a senior added, "I know if I was in that position and I wouldn't be able to go and support my football team, that I'd want somebody else to."

Jay Seibert, the Athletic Director of Rockport-Fulton High School says the school couldn't be more grateful.

"Seguin has been pretty awesome, Its amazing from around the state the help that we've gotten from different high schools all across the state." Seibert said.

The athletic and band booster club has also been raising money for Rockport-Fulton High School to help them recover.