What seems like random Red Cross assistance is evident in many Houston neighborhoods. We found one street in the Second Ward where every home was flooded. But not everyone got the $400 emergency assistance.

Francisco Privado and his wife showed us what Harvey did to their home of nearly 20 years.

The water line is still visible near the front door.

“About two feet high and all of my furniture is destroyed,” said Privado.

Privado applied for Red Cross assistance after learning that money was available for those impacted by the flood.

But, like many others across Houston, he got a message that reads “Not Qualified.”

“No qualifico,” said Privado.

Meanwhile, folks who live directly across the street from Privado were approved.

“We just applied over the phone, you know?” said Alma Hernandez.

What Alma Hernandez and her family lost can be measured by the piles of debris they had to throw out.

$400 pales in comparison to what the flood took. But it makes a difference.

“Everybody needs a little bit of money,” said Hernandez.

She said relatives who live in this same neighborhood were denied emergency assistance even though they suffered similar damage.

“I wonder how they determine who gets and who doesn’t,” said Hernandez. “Because everybody got flooded.”

Apparently, the Red Cross doesn’t have to help everybody.

Even if they appear to qualify.

“Wait is all we can do,” said Privado.

He and his family plan to appeal.

That process requires more detailed information on your loss, including photos of damage in some cases.