Officials late Wednesday night responded to calls about a honking car in rising floodwaters in the Memorial area.

KHOU 11 News reporter Grace White reported hearing a honking car live on air during continuing coverage Thursday.Police arrived shortly to search for what was believed to be a person trapped inside a car honking a horn. They followed the sound through townhomes in a Memorial-area subdivision on Memorial Boulevard near Gessner Road.

WATCH: Honking being heard from floodwaters

Officials later determined the honking was coming from a malfunctioning car alarm and was not a result of someone calling for help.Grace White spoke with a volunteer from a rescue group who said they found the vehicle with the malfunctioning alarm.

WATCH: Officials confirm no rescues needed after honking heard in Memorial area

"We did find the vehicle that was making noise," he said. "We found that it was an electrical short that was causing the horn to continuously go on and off as well as the lights, which were likely perceived as someone trying to call for first aid."

The volunteer said crews did a thorough search of the area, including the home where the car was located. Fortunately, there was no one trapped inside.

WATCH: Responder discusses checking townhomes in Memorial area for honking car