HOUSTON -- The National Weather Service has confirmed 29 tornadoes during Hurricane Harvey as part of a preliminary report.

The complete report from NWS:

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON.....DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....            ..REMARKS..0218 PM     WATER SPOUT      10 ENE GALVESTON        29.30N 94.76W 08/25/2017                   GMZ355             TX   PUBLIC                      WATERSPOUT SEEN FROM EAST END NEAR SEAWALL AND SECOND             STREET0223 PM     TORNADO          9 NE GALVESTON          29.31N 94.77W 08/25/2017  F0               GALVESTON          TX   PUBLIC                      PUBLIC REPORTS A FUNNEL CLOUD AND A METAL FENCE DAMAGED             NEAR FERRY RD IN GALVESTON0325 PM     TORNADO          1 WSW JONES CREEK       28.97N 95.49W 08/25/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            A VERY BRIEF EF-0 TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN NEAR COUNTY RD 301            AND HWY 36 WITH NUMEROUS TREES SNAPPED AND/OR DOWNED. ONE            BARN WAS ALSO DAMAGED.0330 PM     TORNADO          5 NE MATAGORDA          28.74N 95.91W 08/25/2017                   MATAGORDA          TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             SHED AND FENCE DAMAGE REPORTED FROM A TORNADO IN SARGENT0330 PM     TORNADO          1 SSE BRAZORIA          29.03N 95.56W 08/25/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            A BRIEF TORNADO CROSSED HWY 36 WITH ONE DOWNED POWERLINE             AND SEVERAL TREES SNAPPED AND/OR DOWNED.0347 PM     TORNADO          9 NE GALVESTON          29.31N 94.77W 08/25/2017  F0               GALVESTON          TX   TRAINED SPOTTER             TORNADO DAMAGED MCDONALDS SIGN AT SEAWALL BLVD AND             BROADWAY AVE. ALSO DAMAGE TO AWNINGS AT APARTMENT             COMPLEX.0414 PM     TORNADO          17 SW JONES CREEK       28.77N 95.63W 08/25/2017  F1               MATAGORDA          TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            A BRIEF YET STRONG TORNADO MOVED ONSHORE ALONG THE COAST             IN SARGENT CAUSING SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE TO ONE HOME AS WELL            AS OVERTURNING A MOTORHOME. NUMEROUS TREES WERE SNAPPED             AND/OR DOWNED ALONG THE PATH AS WELL AS MINOR ROOF DAMAGE            TO SEVERAL HOMES AND BUSINESSES.0609 PM     TORNADO          5 WSW ANGLETON          29.14N 95.50W 08/25/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            A HIGH-END EF-0 TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN JUST EAST OF WEST             COLUMBIA DAMAGING NUMEROUS TREES... ROOFS... AND             OUTBUILDINGS IN A NEIGHBORHOOD OFF OF HIGHWAY 35 AND             RIVER ROAD. A BARN AND SEVERAL OUTBUILDINGS WERE ALSO             DESTROYED ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BRAZOS RIVER.0944 PM     TORNADO          1 SSW DANBURY           29.22N 95.35W 08/25/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            THE TORNADO BEGAN IN DANBURY AND DAMAGED A BARN ALONG             WITH SEVERAL TREES OFF OF COUNTY ROAD 207. THE TORNADO             THEN CROSSED HIGHWAY 35 AND MOVED OVER AN OPEN FIELD. THE            TORNADO THEN SNAPPED AND/OR DOWNED SEVERAL TREES ALONG             COUNTY RD 45 BEFORE LIFTING AT THE CROCODILE ENCOUNTER ON            COUNTY RD 48.0953 PM     FUNNEL CLOUD     OYSTER CREEK            29.00N 95.33W 08/25/2017                   BRAZORIA           TX   LAW ENFORCEMENT             BRAZORIA COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORTED FUNNEL CLOUD.1128 PM     TORNADO          2 W LIVERPOOL           29.30N 95.31W 08/25/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            AN EF-0 TORNADO TOOK DOWN 4 POWER POLES ON HIGHWAY 35             ALONG WITH SEVERAL TREES NEAR THE GULF COAST SPEEDWAY.             THE TORNADO THEN TRAVELED ACROSS GENERALLY OPEN FIELD             BEFORE DAMAGING SOME BARNS AND OUTBUILDINGS AS WELL AS             TREES ON COUNTY ROAD 511.1252 AM     TORNADO          2 W IOWA COLONY         29.44N 95.45W 08/26/2017  F0               BRAZORIA           TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            A STRONG EF-0 TORNADO STRUCK A FAIRLY NEW SUBDIVISION             ALONG COUNTY ROAD 56 AND HIGHWAY 288. DAMAGE WAS MOSTLY             CONFINED TO ROOFS... FENCES... AND SEVERAL TREES SNAPPED             AND/OR DOWNED.1252 AM     TORNADO          4 SSW ARCOLA            29.45N 95.48W 08/26/2017                   FORT BEND          TX   NWS OFFICE                  RADAR CONFIRMED TORNADO NEAR JULIFF WITH TDS SIGNATURE.0100 AM     TORNADO          5 SW FRESNO             29.49N 95.53W 08/26/2017  F1               FORT BEND          TX   EMERGENCY MNGR              HOMES DAMAGE ON VIEUX CARRE. DAMAGED HOMES ALSO IN SIENNA            PLANTATION. MINOR INJURIES. RESPONDING DEPUTY BLOWN OFF             THE ROAD.0210 AM     TORNADO          5 NNW PECAN GROVE       29.69N 95.76W 08/26/2017  F0               FORT BEND          TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             DAMAGE IN LOST CREEK SUBDIVISION.0216 AM     TORNADO          4 S EGYPT               29.35N 96.24W 08/26/2017  F0               WHARTON            TX   LAW ENFORCEMENT             TORNADO DAMAGE SIGNATURE JUST WEST OF GLEN FLORA.0227 AM     TORNADO          6 NNW PECAN GROVE       29.70N 95.78W 08/26/2017                   FORT BEND          TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             293.ROOF DAMAGE REPORTED TO A HOME NEAR WESTPARK TOLLWAY             AND THE GRAND PARKWAY0430 AM     TORNADO          4 SE HUMBLE             29.95N 95.23W 08/26/2017                   HARRIS             TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             BROADCAST MEDIA REPORTING TORNADO TOUCHDOWN RESULTING IN             ROOF... TREE... AND FENCE DAMAGE IN LAKESHORE SUBDIVISION0430 AM     TORNADO          6 NNW SHELDON           29.95N 95.16W 08/26/2017  F0               HARRIS             TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             PUBLIC REPORTS SEEING A TORNADO NEAR THE SOUTHERN PORTION            OF LAKE HOUSTON BETWEEN THE LAKESHORE AND SUMMERWOOD             SUBDIVISIONS. DAMAGE REPORTED IN LAKESHORE SUBDIVISION BY            BROADCAST MEDIA.0457 AM     TORNADO          1 WSW KATY              29.78N 95.84W 08/26/2017  F1               WALLER             TX   EMERGENCY MNGR              SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE TO A RV BOAT AND STORAGE FACILITY.             DAMAGE PATH EXTENDED ACROSS I10 TO PEPPERL FACILITY.             ESTIMATED ON THE GROUND 457 TO 505 AM CDT.0805 AM     TORNADO          8 S COLLEGE STATION     30.48N 96.32W 08/26/2017  F0               BRAZOS             TX   BROADCAST MEDIA             TREE DAMAGE REPORTED NEAR OLYMPIA BUDDY ROAD. POSSIBLE             BRIEF SPIN UP.0352 PM     TORNADO          8 W JERSEY VILLAGE      29.91N 95.69W 08/26/2017  F1               HARRIS             TX   STORM CHASER                TREES BLOWN OVER AND MINOR ROOF DAMAGE REPORTED NEAR             BARKER CYPRESS AND TUCKERTON.0410 PM     TORNADO          7 NW JERSEY VILLAGE     29.95N 95.66W 08/26/2017  F0               HARRIS             TX   LAW ENFORCEMENT             ANOTHER TORNADO CONFIRMED ON THE GROUND IN THE VICINITY             OF HIGHWAY 290 AND BARKER CYPRESS.0523 PM     TORNADO          2 NW EAST BERNARD       29.55N 96.09W 08/26/2017  F0               WHARTON            TX   EMERGENCY MNGR              TREES DOWN SE-NW PATH...DAMAGED HOME AND HORSE TRAILER             OVERTURNED.0815 PM     TORNADO          1 S STAFFORD            29.57N 95.66W 08/26/2017  F1               FORT BEND          TX   LAW ENFORCEMENT             DAMAGE TO 28 HOMES REPORTED IN THE WOODLAND WEST             SUBDIVISION. DAMAGE PATH EXTENDS INTO MISSOURI CITY. HIGH            END EF1 DAMAGE IN SPOTS. TORNADO ON GROUND FOR ESTIMATED             15 MINUTES.1200 AM     TORNADO          1 NNE WEBSTER           29.55N 95.11W 08/27/2017  F0               HARRIS             TX   NWS EMPLOYEE                NWS EMPLOYEE REPORTS THE AWNING ON A GAS STATION RIPPED             AND FLIPPED OVER. FUNNEL CLOUD SIGHTED.1205 AM     FUNNEL CLOUD     1 NE WEBSTER            29.54N 95.11W 08/27/2017                   HARRIS             TX   PUBLIC                      PUBLIC REPORTED SEEING A FUNNEL CLOUD NEAR HIGHWAY 3 IN             WEBSTER.  SEEN FROM NEAR THE NASA BYPASS.0142 AM     TORNADO          WSW EAST BERNARD        29.52N 96.07W 08/27/2017  F1               WHARTON            TX   NWS STORM SURVEY            THE TORNADO BEGAN AS A WEAK EF-0 IN DOWNTOWN EAST BERNARD            AND THEN TRAVELED NORTHWEST ACROSS ALT HWY 90 WHERE IT             STRENGTHENED TO AN EF-1 SNAPPING SEVERAL LARGE MATURE OAK            AND PECAN TREES. A HOUSE SUFFERED SIGNIFICANT BRICK             FACADE DAMAGE TO ONE SIDE OF THE HOME. SEVERAL TREES WERE            DOWNED AND/OR SNAPPED ALONG THE PATH.FOUR APARTMENTS             DAMAGED ON COLLEGE STREET.0405 AM     TORNADO          1 NW BACLIFF            29.52N 95.00W 08/27/2017  F0               GALVESTON          TX   EMERGENCY MNGR              SHORT DAMAGE PATH. TREES DOWN...MINOR DAMGE TO ROOF.1015 AM     TORNADO          1 ENE WEST UNIVERSITY P 29.72N 95.41W 08/27/2017  F0               HARRIS             TX   PUBLIC                      PUBLIC REPORTS WINDOWS BLOWN OUT AT THE TORCHYS TACOS AND            BANANA REPUBLIC IN RICE VILLAGE AND DEBRIS LODGED IN             BUSHES VIA TWITTER1127 AM     TORNADO          4 ESE HOUSTON           29.74N 95.33W 08/27/2017  F0               HARRIS             TX   PUBLIC                      TORNADO DOWNED A TREE IN EASTWOOD NEAR THE MEAT MARKET             AND PUT A TREE THROUGH A ROOF IN THE FIFTH WARD.1213 PM     TORNADO          1 WSW NEEDVILLE         29.39N 95.86W 08/27/2017  F0               FORT BEND          TX   LAW ENFORCEMENT             TORNADO SPOTTED BY A DEPUTY NEAR FM 442 AND FM 360.