HOUSTON – For the last few weeks, Gallery Furniture’s Mattress Mack has been giving away supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims from his North Freeway store.

But starting Friday, he’s switching spots to help folks in Fort Bend County.

From water, to cleaning supplies, for the last two weeks droves of supplies have been coming in, and going out from Gallery Furniture.

Helping hundreds of people affected by Hurricane Harvey, including Tameca Jones, who like so many lost everything, after her home flooded.

“When you go through things, you feel like you’re all alone, I feel blessed because when you call 911 the line is busy, you call 311 you can’t get through, you call Mattress Mack, they on their way,” said Jones.

She’s now recovering, using the very supplies she’s received.

But starting Friday, supplies that come in from across the country and community will be given out from the Grand Parkway store, giving even more people a chance to start over.

The reason, owner Jim McIngvale, a.k.a “Mattress Mack” says he’s doing all this.

“We’ve gotten more out of it than this people have, because of the tremendous spirit these people have,” said McIngvale.

Gallery Furniture and UH Basketball Coach Kelvin Sampson are also teaming up to give away thousands of boxes of clothes this weekend that starts Friday, at the Grand Parkway store from 8 a.m. to noon, until supplies last.