HOUSTON - Getting rid of flood debris can be a nightmare, now imagine having to get rid of your entire mobile home.

That’s the issue one family is facing in Redwood Estates Mobile Home Park on the northeast side of Houston.

For eight years, Timothy Marshall called his mobile unit a home, now it’s a burden. “We lost everything and we’re struggling about that but there’s mold and we can’t do anything about the trailer so we have to get rid of it,” he said but getting rid of it has turned into a domino effect Marshall just can’t afford right now.

First, he reached out to a contractor who was charging him $500 to get the mobile home out of his property and make room for the new one. That’s the first problem: money. “Sixty-nine thousand for the brand new trailer,” explained Marshall. He barely has enough for the new mobile home and cannot afford to waste a dime on something he’s going to scrap anyway.

“So I’ve got a brand-new trailer coming in and it’s going to stink," he said. That’s the other thing; even when the new unit makes it in, the old trash remains.

For now, he’s waiting to hear back from FEMA but is afraid that by the time they come for the inspection the trailer will be long gone.

“They were supposed to come and look at our trailer but they haven’t come out so the trailer has to be out,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, Marshall found someone who can pick it up for free but all the debris inside the home is going to be dumped on top of the pile already out by the lawn. He’s now worried there will be no way to put the new mobile home in through the piles and piles of trash.