There is no mistaking Angela Craig's heart for the ocean. The Craig backyard in Athens, TX is beach and pirate-themed. Next to the pool is a large mound of beach sand they brought in for effect. But the Craigs also had a plan to leave for their beach-side retirement home in Port Aransas in five years.

"This is our work home and that was our retirement home...that's our home home really," said Angela.

The Craigs had just purchased their retirement home two months before Hurricane Harvey hit. Like many families in Port Aransas the Craigs had a lot of anxiety as the hurricane came barrelling through. Angela and her husband, Kenneth, watched media reports from their home in Athens which is 425 miles away.

"It was like ground zero. It was bad, it was very bad," Angela through media reports.

The family would return Tuesday to a shadow of their dream home in Port Aransas. The Craigs say they are fortunate compared to other residents who have lost entire homes.

"We were expecting to lose everything downstairs and we did," said Kenneth.

It was an emotional day for Angela and Kenneth. They decided to walk the beach to clear their heads and what they found ashore on the beach instantly took their minds, albeit briefly, off their current predicament.

Angela loves collecting shells so she was surprised to see so many variations of shells on the beach. "When I found these it was like winning the lottery in a way," she said.

Along with shells the Craigs picked up goggles, a cell phone, and even two GoPro cameras. Now Angela and Kenneth are on a mission to find the families that have home videos captured on those cameras. It appears from the footage that the cameras belonged to two different families.

"Harvey took a lot from us but he gave back a few things. Hopefully we can find them. Maybe someone will see this that knows somebody that knows somebody," she said.

The Craigs are desperate to return these moments now more than ever.

They say there needs to be a good story out of Harvey.

"A lot of people have hope, you know. We have hope and that's the main thing down there...hope.

If the cameras belong to you or you know the people seen in the footage please reach out to our reporter by email