FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Students at Fort Bend ISD headed back to school Tuesday morning, but for students attending Juan Seguin Elementary School, students found themselves in two new schools, after being split up due to flooding.

It’s the first day of school at James Patterson Elementary, but for some kids, and parents like Lisa McCowan, it’s Round 2.

“He’s ready, I’m excited, because kindergarten was something we looked forward to and then three days later, we were out, so we’re excited to get him back in school,” said McCowan.

McCowan’s little boy attends Juan Seguin Elementary just a few blocks away, but the school took on some major flood damage from Harvey.

Some parts of the school took in more than 8 inches of water.

Crews are now in the process of restoring the building, but it will be a while before all 580 students and 40 teachers will be able to come back again.

Until then, kindergarten through second grade will be going to James Patterson Elementary temporarily.

“We were a little nervous about the transition, but it’s understandable,” said McCowan.

The other half, grades third through fifth will be relocated to Crockett Middle School, where kids will have their own space, lunch and recess.

Some impressed parents, gave a shout out to Fort Bend ISD.

“Thumbs up for all the actions, for all the preparations,” said Luchi Ohanaka, whose 6-year-old son attended Juan Seguin.

All students will even be able to keep their same teachers.

“We’re thrilled, we’re glad to be here, we’re glad Patterson has opened up their brand-new school,” said Lisa Moeller, a first-grade teacher from Juan Seguin Elementary.

Moeller says she’s grateful for all the support and donations her school and teachers have received over the weeks, coming from her Fort Bend ISD family and from teachers across the nation.

Giving kids and teachers a chance, to ring in the new school year once again.

“I’m ready to see them, ready to hug them,” said Moeller.

School officials say, it will be months before Juan Seguin Elementary is back open again.