Houston-area families devastated by flooding are expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving despite their circumstances.

One of them was found by KHOU 11 at her Bear Creek home Tuesday continuing to make repairs.

Lisa Newey says she lost nearly everything when her home was submerged in 13 inches of water during the flood.

She recently had new appliances installed in her kitchen and says this is the first year she will not be having Thanksgiving at her home.

"We made it through," Newey said. "Everybody survived, and everybody is healthy and happy and so we’re getting there."

Newey will be cooking the frozen turkey brought to her home by a College Station church group to her daughter's home for the holiday.

Bear Creek was hit the hardest in the Houston-area according to a new data analysis.

The data compilation shows the Houston-area communities hit the hardest by Hurricane Harvey flooding.

The information was gathered from Harvey-related FEMA claims by the Espicopal Health Foundation.

The Addicks/Bear Creek area had the most claims, followed by Dickinson, the Southbelt/Ellington area and Sheldon/Lake Houston.

The Kashmere Gardens neighborhood was also devastated by the flood.

Maria Arzapala's parents live in the area. The home was swamped by four feet of water at the height of the flood.

Arzapala says her parents have been living with her ever since.

She says their extended family is not able to return to her parent's house for Thanksgiving this year as usual. Thanksgiving this year has been canceled.

"It's just too stressful," Arzapala said. " I don't want to plan out everything. We're just going to stay home."

She says she's grateful nonetheless.

"Just for having my parents alive," Arzapala said. "Because they had to walk out of four feet of water."