DICKINSON, Texas- Help after Harvey, courtesy of some moms who are on a mission.

Hundreds of families will spend the holidays away from their damaged homes after they flooded during Hurricane Harvey. But thanks to a donation worth thousands, some of those families are one step closer to moving back home.

When you think about the havoc from Harvey, some four-letter words may come to mind such as home, hope or walls.

“I mean, the day before Christmas, this is all we could ask for and more,” said Colleen Sparks.

Billy Frank, the general manager of the Clear Lake Infiniti car dealership, teamed with Construction Concepts to donate 900 sheets of drywall.

“It was a no brainer,” said Frank. “We had to help out.”

Sparks, Leah Frakes and Sara Daniel make up Moms on a Mission. It's a non-profit organization the stay-at-home mothers created in the days after Harvey.

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“It's not as glamorous of a gift,” said Sparks about the sheetrock. “But it means so much, because you're, when they look at that wall they're going to remember that it was community love that made that happen,” said Frakes. Daniel added, “We hope we can do 900 more.”

About 20 families in a neighborhood just east of I-45 in Dickinson pulled about 50 sheets from the pile. On average, a sheet of drywall costs $8. The donation is about a $400 savings for those families four months after Harvey and two days before Christmas.

Neighbors used truck beds, trailers and a fork lift to move the donations to driveways.

“We've cried with people,” said Daniel. “We've gotten to know people on personal levels. It's been such a blessing.”

So tonight, consider these four-letter words when thinking about the recovery after Harvey, “Walls. Home. Love,” said Frakes. “It takes love to rebuild a neighborhood. It takes love to rebuild a community, and we've got a enough for everybody.”

To donate to the organization, visit here.