San Antonio Waste Management workers were dispatched to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, where they hauled away Kingwood's most treasured belongings damaged in the storm.

"This was a total disaster," District Manager Andrew Gutierrez said. "I have never seen anything like that."

Beautiful homes were hidden behind piles of furniture, carpet, and even an entire bathtub in one case, all defaced by flood waters.

The City of San Antonio came to Kingwood's aid, spending a month there and working 14-, sometimes 16-hour days.

"We had one day off in the 30 day period," Gutierrez noted.

"When you saw the entire contents of the home out on the street corner, it is a little depressing," said Manager Walter Barett, who was on the ground with Gutierrez. "We had a lot of folks cry on our shoulder."

As crews cleared the damaged heirlooms and intimate photographs mixed up in all the rubble, both said that the bonding began.

On the Kingwood community Facebook page one woman wrote, "Thank you all. It may sound silly, but this video made me tear up. God bless you all."

"I think by picking all that up, it helped the healing process," Gutierrez said. "It provided a sense of relief."