In the aftermath of Harvey, things like patience and hope are being tested.

With mountains of debris to climb, it may be hard to believe we’ll get to the other side. But leave it to a group of sisters to restore our faith that all that work will get done.

“I don’t know, we’ve been pretty hardcore,” gushed Sister Mary Ann Peters with the Cenacle Retreat House of Houston.

“I mean, it’s obvious that people relate to us. We’ve been here for 60 years, and we still have people streaming in. No pun intended,” joked Sister Pam Falkowski.

Peters and Falkowski are part of the seven women who make up the Cenacle Sisters of Houston. They’re an extension of the Catholic Church. The women range in age from 60 to 89.

“It was a sight getting us into those trucks,” Peters said, recalling their rescue Sunday as heavy rain descended on west Houston. The women escaped their nine-acre Kirkwood Road sanctuary before water from Buffalo Bayou flooded their property with 5 feet of water for several days.

“No one’s praying for rain right now, no,” Falkowski said.

The Sisters returned to the Cenacle Retreat House Monday. Everything is ruined, and all of it requires major repair. From their retreat spaces to their dorms to the community center and living space for the sisters, nothing is salvageable.

“We knew it would be bad. We knew it would be really bad. We had no clue that it would be this bad,” Peters said.

Despite their age, the sister suited up and got right to work. They helped clear every single room on the property. They went through documents for important information. They fully intended to help restore of their 60-year-old facility with the assistance of a demolition crew.

Right now the spiritual group is looking for a temporary place to hold their meetings and programs. Hundreds of people rely on the Cenacle Retreat Houston each month for spiritual guidance.

The Sisters say right now, Houstonians are relying on their faith. The women want to make sure they’re available to guide people through this tough time.

“We’re not focusing so much on what we’ve lost, because we’ve lost a lot," said Peters who explained what their focus is on. “Goodness is all around us.”

If you would like to donate or help the Cenacle Sisters of Houston, or learn more about the programs and spiritual guidance, they offer, tap/click here.