August 28, 2005.

It's a day Romeo will never forget.

He was just 10 years old when Hurricane Katrina forced him and his family out of their New Orleans home. He lost his grandmother after she drowned, unable to escape. For 30 days, Romeo and his family lived in the Houston Astrodome, which became a massive shelter for evacuees.

Now 12 years later, almost to the day, Romeo has evacuated his apartment in Houston.

"Most traumatic experience of my life, repeating itself. That's the crazy see the cars under water. It's the same thing. It's the same thing again," he told KHOU.

Romeo's apartment is under water, so he's staying with a friend.

"We're just hoping history doesn't repeat itself completely."

They're about four miles away from the Addicks Reservoir and may have to leave.

"Love the people that are close to you as much as you can. Don't forget to tell people that you love them because you'll lose people."