Americans will be spending more this holiday season than in the past four years and Houston's retail sales are higher than any other city in the country, retail sales experts say.

Houston saw retail growth of 21.9 percent with the biggest bumps in building materials which are up 45 percent and furniture which is up 34 percent

The Memorial City Mall was swarming with shoppers Saturday night looking for last-minute gifts.

Among them was Hazel Cotton who will turn 90 years old the day after Christmas.

“I have three people that I give gift certificates to so they can buy what they want,” Cotton said.

Her granddaughter brought her to shop and see the Christmas frenzy.

“My grandmother is the true meaning of Christmas,” said granddaughter Kim Nero. “Because everything is always going to be “It's ok, everything is going to be ok, just pray.”

Cotton's home in the Fifth Ward continues to deteriorate following Hurricane Harvey flooding. Nero and Cotton's daughter came to Houston from Florida to help recently. Nero says her grandmother would not ask anyone for help.

“This woman right here, she has a very big heart,” Nero said.

Cotton said they were able to get the heat in her home working again.

Nero says her grandmother worked as a housekeeper for a wealthy Houston oil family for nearly 70 years.

She says her grandmother does not have a retirement plan and lives on $900 a month.

Nevertheless, she still finds a way to give to others, even though her own home is falling apart. It is most certainly the definition of the Christmas spirit.