Ask her how it happened, and this mother of two will tell you, "the water just like raised that fast."

Da’Jauh Hennix and her 8-month-old almost waited too long to wade out of their neighborhood.

"I wouldn't have done it differently. I wouldn't have done it differently,” Hennix said.

Ask her about a hero, and she'll tell you about Deputy Constable Reed Clark.

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Tuesday was the first time she's had time to say “thank you.” In the middle of Harvey's rising water, this cop, on a jet ski at the time, passed an 8-month-old named Paige, from a mother trying to get her kids to safety.

Hennix could get to safety herself. Corporal Reed kept Paige safe in his patrol car for more than three hours.

"That was the main thing, that he kept her with him. We were happy because of that,” she said.

To say thanks, this family passed this patrolman presents.

"I'm gonna get choked up," Deputy Clark said.

Clark says he'll pass on the word hero, saying he was just out doing his job.