A Houston surgeon is being called a hero - not for the lives he’s saved in the operating room, but for the ones he helped during Hurricane Harvey.

Doctor Scott Breeze loves to fly in his helicopter - that's when he’s not saving lives. It’s just his hobby, a recreational past time, if you will.

Dr. Breeze is an orthopedic surgeon who works at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land - UT Orthopedics.

The doctor was not in the operating room, but at his Thompsons home when Harvey hit.

“Where I'm standing right now was under water, probably a foot deep or so," Dr. Breeze said outside his home.

That home quickly became an island during the storm. On land, he was stuck, so he got off the ground.

“The helicopter is really cool because I mean you can actually fly really slow and see stuff, you can land it in places you certainly can't land airplanes," said Dr. Breeze.

In the first few days, Dr. Breeze’s priority was getting his wife to and from work at her urgent care center. But he then spent the next week helping anyone who needed it.

"Looking for livestock and things, is a lower priority, but still it’s pretty important," said Breeze.

For the most part, he helped neighbors find their cattle.

"They were just looking to see if the cows were okay, and where they were," he said.

Breeze helped rescue a friend’s equipment from the floodwaters, and he brought peace of mind to a patient who just had knee surgery.

“They actually allowed me to land on their helipad there at Columbus Hospital so I got to go make a little house call on my patient," he said.

And get this, he even helped the local mailman find his route.

“He said it was paycheck time, and everybody gets their checks every couple weeks. He said it’s really important that’s why he was down there, finding a route for the mail," Breeze said.

Breeze got a birds-eye view of the devastation. He saw first-hand the toll Harvey took on the city.

He says he’s just happy that in his own way he could help out, and maybe to some, be a hero.

“Maybe a couple people think I'm a hero, but I don’t know if I'd go that far," he said.