HOUSTON – When Ginelle Baker put out a call for help for Houston animals, her fellow New Yorkers answered.

Baker, the founder of Ruff to Rescue Express, was visiting family in New York when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The New York native turned Houstonian posted on Facebook asking for donations to bring back on her long drive to Texas. She thought she would receive enough to fill a trailer—not four 26-foot box trucks and two trailers.

Those trucks and trailers arrived in Houston on Monday after a 1,500-mile drive, filled top to bottom with supplies ranging from medicine, food, water, beds, blankets and crates for animals ranging from dogs, cats, horses, bunnies and birds.

"This all happened in less than two weeks," Baker said.

Photos: Supplies arrive for Houston animals in need

Those supplies will be donated to various local shelters and rescue groups in Houston to help care for animals rescued and displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Baker started Ruff to Rescue Express three years ago as a way to help stray and foster animals across Houston. Her organization transports those animals from Texas to New York, where the stray animal population is non-existent.

Since its creation, Ruff to Rescue Express has transported more than 700 animals to new homes.


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Mary Ranous, a New York-based volunteer with Ruff to Rescue Express, was one of the first to adopt one of the dogs transported to New York.

“(New Yorkers) just want them. They just love knowing they rescued a dog,” Ranous said.

Because of the relationship Ruff to Rescue Express has built in the New York the past three years, New Yorkers were quick to answer Baker’s call for donations. And they keep coming.

Baker said she’s already receiving calls about more donations and New Yorkers who want to adopt. She’s going to wait at least 30 days before making the next transport trip back to New York, though.

“We don’t want to take anybody’s pet out of Houston,” she said.

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