The words we have all wanted to hear for awhile now.... A cold front is coming TODAY! Big changes are in the forecast just in time for the weekend. Today is the transitional day to much cooler air tomorrow. Finally- right?! We have seen well above average temperatures for most of the month of October and now we can welcome cooler air in the region. We will be in the upper 50's on Friday and upper 40's Saturday morning. That is more than a 20 degree drop from how we started off this morning!

Another big change to our weather pattern will be the wind direction. The past week or so we have had a warm, moist south wind. By the end of the day today we will welcome a cool, dry north wind. This north wind will stay in place through the upcoming weekend. That will add an additional chill to the air. So get the jackets, scarves, and boots ready... This weekend will look and feel like Fall!