Empty that backpack! The Transportation Security Administration is announcing tighter restrictions on airport security, saying they’ll now require passengers to remove every electronic device from their carry-on.

That includes your tablets, e-readers and DVD players.

It’s not everyone’s favorite place to wait in line. TSA security can often be a traveler’s worst nightmare when it comes to taking flight.

“Because it takes us so long to get through the TSA lines anyways," traveler Jim Gadword said.

But now the government agency has cleared the runway for their new round of restrictions.

“We all have tons of electronics these days, so it’s going to be two or three items that you’ve got to take out, you got to watch it, got to make sure you get it back, so, yeah, definitely a little bit more hassle," said Ron Latwell, another traveler.

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TSA says passengers will now have to clear their carry-ons of any electronic device bigger than a cell phone before hitting the gate.

“I'm all for it, obviously, if it makes travel safer, makes the airport safer, and keeps our citizens safer," Latwell said.

Latwell knows safety is the driving factor behind the added annoyance. TSA says they’re trying to stay ahead of evolving threats, like the possibility of hidden explosives, among other things.

But some passengers just aren’t pleased with the precautions.

“Any time you've got to empty a bag, you’re stalling. And then they act like they know what they’re looking at, they have no idea," said traveler Al Daniell.

“It sucks for people who travel who don’t have any agendas or anything," Gadword said.

But others say they’ll stand in line for security any time, any day.

“I don’t have any problem with them looking at my kindle which is all I ever bring," said Diane Adams, another traveler.

So whether it’s business or pleasure, just make sure your next trip to the sky is a planned one, or just listen to Adams.

“I pack so I don’t have to pull everything out of my bag, so it’s very convenient," she said.

The only people these restrictions won’t apply to are those who have the TSA pre-check status.

The restrictions have already been tested at several airports around the country, but not in Houston yet. They will be phased in within the next coming weeks.