Millions of people will hit the road or catch a plane this week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends out of town.

Some 48.7 million travelers will take a trip of at least 50 miles over the holiday, a 2% increase over last year, says AAA.

Houston's major airports expect to see a combined 1.5 million people pass through this week.

Even more people will be on Texas roadways. In fact, AAA says 89% of holiday travelers will be driving to their destinations.

We have a few tips to help ease the stress.

Tip #1: If you're driving, hit the road before 3 p.m. Wednesday. That's when highways will start to get jammed.

Tip #2: Plan ahead and click here for statewide traffic conditions, construction and closures.

Tip #3: If you’re driving to the airport, check ahead to see which parking lots still have room. They fill up quickly this time of year.

Tip #4: You can also check security wait times on the city’s website.

Tip #5: To stay sane when you travel, pack light and smart. It'll make things a lot easier at check-in and security. In case you were wondering, the TSA says you can packed cooked or frozen turkeys in your carry-on or checked bag, but the gravy -- and yes, people do pack gravy -- can only be checked.

Tip #6: Know the rules, especially when it comes to children. Kids can slow down security lines, but if they’re under 12, they don't have to take off their shoes or light jackets. Don't be the parent creeping the line to a crawl.

Bottom line is Houston airports will be fully staffed and ready for you, so be sure you're ready too.

"Pack your patience and take control of your trip," said airport spokesman Bill Begley.

Tip #7: You can check the status of your flight on our flight tracker.

Safe travels!