Bush Intercontinental Airport is set to open a new state of the art terminal next month, but KHOU got a sneak peak Thursday night.

United believes this will offer customers a far better traveling experience.

"It's the size of five football fields, equivalent to five stories high," said Gavin Molloy, vice president of corporate real estate and environment for United.

It's called Terminal C North.

"This is just a gate concourse," said Mario Diaz, director of the Houston Airport System. "It’s a large gate concourse for 265,000 square feet, but it’s just for aircrafts."

The finishing is sleek and Texas-themed, and the lighting is enhanced.

"It's been designed so passengers flow through organically rather than a straight down the line concourse," Molloy said.

United even took the food experience to another level, including how you order (on iPads).

"We're very much focused on a stress-free experience for our customers after they get through security," Molloy added.

You'll be able to sample the cuisine of James Beard-winning chef Chris Shepherd -- the man behind restaurants like Underbelly.

"Traditionally what it has always been is, 'Oh let's just get a turkey wrap and get on the plane,' and now you can sit down and have a really good meal and that changes things," Shepherd said.

The facility, across from the Marriott at the airport, has 12 gates and cost $272 million.

"People come in, they're here all the time, they spend time in an airport," Shepherd said.

Crews could not get the facility ready by the time the Super Bowl came to town, but officials say that was never the plan.

They're hoping this brings Bush closer to a five-star facility, "where a passenger says, 'Wow,' not just, 'Hey, this is nice,' but they say, 'Wow, I remember that experience, (and) I will do that again,'" Diaz said.

According to the airport director, Bush is a 3-star facility. The new terminal will raise it to a 3.5-star facility.

The new terminal opens for business March 20.

The airport is now working on a new international terminal. The architects for that were approved last month.