A recent study ranked Houston as one of the worst cities for drivers in North America.

The consulting firm Arcadis found the only place worse is Tampa.

The study ranked cities based on financial investments and infrastructure improvements to urban transportation systems, commuting travel time, affordability of public transit, pollution and more.

Tim Lomax with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute says no single change would fix Houston’s traffic problem.

“There isn’t really a panacea-type solution. In a growing metropolitan area, you’re going to need more road and transit capacity, but you’re also going to need to operate that as efficiently as possible. You need to make sure you’re offering employees flexible work hours. We need to look at places like midtown where you’ve got jobs, shops and houses all close to each other so people can walk and bicycle to where they’re going,” Lomax said.

So what about futuristic travel options like driverless and flying cars?

Lomax says flying cars will likely only help the high-dollar commuter.

However, he does think driverless cars will eventually reduce traffic by reducing car accidents.

“I think driverless cars are part of the future. They’re not part of the near future,” Lomax said.

Unfortunately, experts say road improvements will never prevent traffic during peak hours in a city as big as Houston.

“I think more lanes almost always help, perhaps what needs to get managed better is the expectation game,” Lomax said.

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