HOUSTON – Freezing temperatures caused a bit of a frenzy on roadways Wednesday morning.

Houston police and firefighters believe a sprinkler system caused icy conditions in the 2700 block of Genoa Red Bluff, east of Beltway 8 and west of Space Center Boulevard.

Ice patches along Genoa Red Bluff Road sent cars spinning, and some even two rollovers. Police were forced to shut down a portion of the inside lane headed east for several hours as they waited for crews.

HPD officers were seen asking drivers to slow down and leave distance behind cars, to prevent skidding and accidents.

Police said the ice was left behind by a busted sprinkler that spilled over and froze due to the cold temperatures.

The slippery conditions caused two cars to rollover within just 30 minutes of each other, according to HPD.

“I'm sure that it's probably totaled,” said Alen Adams, he's one of the two drivers that were involved in the rollover accidents.

“It just got underneath and I started sliding,” said Adams, calling the icy mess unexpected. “I guess I just looked past it, and you can't avoid it.”

But avoid is what some of the drivers tried desperately to do, with help from Houston police.

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As for Adams, when we asked for his thoughts on the bitter temperatures cooling over Houston, he shared a sentiment many agreed with.

“I don't like cold weather at all, never have,” said Adams.

Police say crews will be treating affected areas with sand.