KATY, Texas – Several cars, including an 18-wheeler, got stuck on a flyover at the Katy Freeway and the Grand Parkway in west Harris County Friday morning, making for a scary experience for drivers.

The big rig was stuck on the northbound overpass for nearly 5 hours, due to icy conditions.

Clinton Adams has been driving trucks for the last three years. He says he knew he had to stop and pull over, when his truck started to slide towards the concrete wall.

He managed to avoid getting into a wreck though, because he’s used to driving up north in the snow. He just never expected to find the same conditions in the greater Houston area though.

“When I was offloading there was like 2 inches of snow on the vehicles, there was ice all over the place, and I was like man, I’m originally from up north, Detroit, so I’m like dude, I feel like I’m back home,” said Adams.

A wrecker eventually got him down, slowly moving inch by inch, pulling the big rig carefully to avoid sliding, all while Harris County deputies kept other drivers from entering the ramp.

The ramp was closed for several hours, but is now back open.