HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Deputies say two people were killed and another was detained after a four-vehicle collision on Highway 249 Monday afternoon.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said speed played a huge factor in the deadly crash on State Highway 249 near Hollister Drive.

The sheriff said the area is well-known for racing.

"There's a lot of speeding--you see a lot of cars speeding through the parking lot," said Charise Hill, who works at the gas station on 249 where investigators say a car pulled out of Monday before being t-boned by two Mustangs that were racing.

"As people are getting their gas, they really have to watch their backs because cars cut through here constantly, you can hear the loud trucks zooming up and down the freeway," said Hill.

Sheriff Gonzalez said in this case, the two drivers were going faster than 90 miles per hour.

"I feel like the stop lights aren't long enough," said Annette Murray, who drives by this location twice a week. "Because as you start to get through them, they change and it's dangerous. It needs to slow down some. You got families, you a bus that comes this way, you got kids that are going back and forth, restaurants that are here."

Deputies say the driver who turned out of the gas station was killed on impact. One of the drivers racing was also killed.

Two others in another car they hit had serious injuries but they're expected to survive.

The other suspected racer was arrested and is facing charges.

Photos: 2 killed in crash on Highway 249