HOUSTON – It was a dangerous spectacle you had to see to believe.

A broken water main sent gallons and gallons of water shooting into the sky Thursday morning, spilling over onto Hollister Road Bridge in northwest Houston.

The pooling water created a thin layer of ice, and a mess for drivers and city workers.

For more than seven hours, water overflowed around the bridge, located on Hollister Street near Tidwell.

The break sprayed water more than 30 feet into the air, quickly becoming a dangerous road hazard for drivers as it froze over.

City crews said below freezing temperatures cracked an air valve near a pipe below the bridge, creating a thin layer of ice both on the road and surrounding areas.

Several cars were spotted skidding, others almost lost control.

Houston Police responded to the scene, asking drivers to slow down, eventually closing down a section of the southbound lanes while crews fixed the valve and laid gravel.

Both lanes near the Hollister Road Bridge are now back open.