HOUSTON - All lanes are open on the West Loop after crews made an emergency repair when a hole was discovered in the pavement Wednesday afternoon.

The hole in the concrete was on the US 59 connector ramp to the West Loop.

The Texas Department of Transportation says crews made a temporary fix on Wednesday but a permanent repair will be completed this weekend.

The hole was first reported after a piece of concrete narrowly missed hitting a driver who was traveling below the ramp.

TX DOT said it is impossible to anticipate what happened on Wednesday.

Officials said inspectors are sent out constantly to check on roads and it's rare for crews to have to do emergency road work.

A similar incident was reported on State Highway 225 in Deer Park Wednesday morning.

An emergency repair was required on an overpass. It's not clear what was repaired on the roadway but by Wednesday evening, the overpass had been patched up.

TX DOT says bridge inspections happen every two years. In this case, officials said the bridge itself is fine, it is the pavement that needs to be replaced.

Officials said it is costly to use contractors and pay for traffic control when doing roadwork. It is also not simple to just reconstruct a road way.

TX DOT has to look at schedules for sporting events and other major events to ensure they’re not doing work at primetime.

"We’re not just looking for potholes or debris we’re looking for everything. Any kinds of issues whether it’s one of our concrete barriers that have been struck overnight from an accident, signs that are down..." said Danny Perez, a Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation's Houston division