(CBS NEWS) -- Thursday is the last day many owners of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be able to use the device. The phone is under a worldwide recall after several overheated and caused fires.

Verizon and AT&T will roll out a software update Thursday to prevent the phone from recharging or connecting to cellular networks. Users who choose to keep them are warned the device’s battery can fail and catch fire, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

Chris Thompson is holding on tight to his Samsung Note 7, despite nearly two million of the devices being recalled in the U.S. and banned on aircraft.

“I am very attached to it. It’s been the best phone I’ve ever had,” Thompson said.

A defect caused the smartphone’s lithium-ion battery to overheat – and in some cases burst into flames – resulting in at least 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage.

“A lot of us feel that there were not enough incidences out of how many phones were actually out there, for it to be a serious problem, I mean it’s less than a one percent chance,” Thompson said.

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