AUSTIN, Texas -- A car stolen in seconds was found minutes later, thanks to an app you likely have on your phone.

Delivery driver Britlynn Baker helped officers locate her car using "Find My iPhone."

Normally always on the move, Baker is temporarily at a halt, but lucky to still have a set of wheels.

"I left my keys in my ignition," she said. "That was my fault."

Before her last route Thursday night, she went up to her apartment to pick something up for what she says was less than a minute.

When she returned to the car, it was gone.

That's when her wheels started turning.

"My car is missing, how do I find it? The only answer to that would be to track it. And how can I track it? By tracking my phone."

But her phone was in the car so Baker borrowed a neighbor's cell to call 911, pulled out her laptop, and launched the "Find My iPhone" app.

"This little green dot was going right along here, driving away from me, in front of my eyes."

She was able to give the officers at her apartment the exact location of her car as the driver sped down the highway. Those officers relayed the information to a unit pursuing the car on the road.

Baker tracked her car to the intersection of Highway 71 and Royster Avenue. Police found her wallet and her purse in the front seat but officers say her cash was in the driver's pocket.

According to court paperwork, 33-year-old Chad Farnsworth claimed he hadn't driven the car, but instead he was walking down the highway and saw it smoking, so he attempted to fix it.

Farnsworth is now facing charges for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Baker says losing her car taught her a valuable lesson.

"To not get too comfortable with my surroundings, for sure."