HOUSTON – Ever wonder what loved ones really want for Christmas? An online search tool could help your shopping struggles.

Nielsen analytics research, once reserved for marketers, is now available to anyone.

Choosing gifts for picky loved ones sometimes scares off Santa.

“There’s definitely some people that I’m like I don’t know how to get you anything,” said Haley Jones, a shopper.

“Most of the time it’s my grandma or my uncle, somebody I have to find out what (they really want,)” said Erwin Harris, another shopper. “They (are) always trying to switch it up on me.”

For those desperate for advice, there’s help online. Nielsen’s Zip Code Look Up research reveals people’s interests by zip code. It breaks down the population of each area in five segments.

In The Woodlands' 77381 area, the so-called “Upper Crust” empty nesters own a Lexus, eat at Bonefish Grill, shops at Chico’s, follows men’s tennis and visits Alaska.

Sugar Land’s “Networked Neighbors” segment owns Acuras, eat at Chipotle, shop Banana Republic and fly Southwest Airlines.

In Houston's 3rd Ward’s 77021, “Toolbelt Traditionalists” shop QVC, HSN, cruise Royal Caribbean and do their own repairs.

“It’s really true,” said Robbie Dickson, owner of Dixie Hardware of the online results.

Dickson believes the research on her customers is accurate. However, Millie Henderson sees flaws in her neighborhood’s profile.

“I don’t think (it’s accurate),” she said.

Still, Henderson likes the idea of using research to help people struggling to find loved ones’ perfect gifts.

To look up your own zip code, click here.