Hackers have exposed millions of user accounts from popular dating websites. According to the Washington Post and other tech news websites, it may be the largest on record.

FriendFinder Networks, the parent company to several adult dating sites, was hacked.

It’s reported more than 412 million accounts have been compromised. To provide a bit of perspective, the Ashley Madison hack affected 32 million accounts.

AdultFriendFinder is a place where millions of people go to find a new date, a casual encounter, cybersex or webcam entertainment. It's one of several sites announced as hacked Tuesday.

"Credentials. So just usernames and passwords, whereas in Ashley Madison last year they were talking about people names, addresses, photos,” said KHOU Digital Producer, Doug Delony.

Delony said it's still as dangerous, especially if people use the same usernames and password for multiple websites.

"Once they get your set of one credentials, they go on to Amazon. They go on to your bank's website and then they find your credit card number. They find your social security number," said Deloney.

Delony said, given the credentials work, hackers could sell them on the black market.

"There are spammers out there, that want to advertise to you fake prescriptions or what not and they want you to buy that stuff," said Deloney. "So your computer could get hit with malware."

On a personal level, it could affect your relationships. The info could pop up in a Google search, so think future employers or spouses.

"Maybe before you were married, you asked them to delete your information and now all of a suddent it's out on this database," said Delony.

A break alert website called LeakedSource, claims to have all of the user account info but as of now, will not publish it for the public.

KHOU reached out the parent company FriendFinder Networks for comment and has not heard back.