HOUSTON- Houston-area Comcast customers who had unlimited home internet will be capped to one terabyte per month starting Nov. 1.

The alternative is to pay an extra $50 a month to keep unlimited data.

In 2012, the company abandoned a similar plan to cap customers at 250 gigabytes per month.

Comcast says it is making the change because more consumers are cutting out cable and using streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and CBS All Access.

To find out if your family is affected by the data cap, log into your account and view your usage meter.
If you're near or above one terabyte, consider buying an upgraded package. If your usage goes over your cap in November then you will be charged up to a $200 extra fee.

At&t and local provider Entouch already cap data at one terabyte. Phonoscope still offers unlimited data for its internet package.