Google is warning users not to click on a phishing email disguised as a contact attempting to share a file from Google Docs.

The email appears to come from a contact in users' email accounts, inviting them to share a document. The sophisticated email looks very similar to one sent by Google, but appears to come from an individual Gmail account, according to users on Twitter who shared information on the scam.

According to a tweet from Google's Gmail account, the company is investigating, and encouraging users not to click on the link.

When users click on the file, the fake Google Docs will seek permission to access your account. Users who click on the link and follow through with the process should go to Google's account permissions to deny access.

Phishing is a common tactic used to gain access to a user's login credentials. In most cases, users are asked to click on a link, then provide account details to access the information provided. However, the process provides the user's credentials to the attacker, allowing them access to email accounts, social networks like Facebook or other platforms.

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