Rumors circulating about a new update to the iPhone are eliciting a very blunt response from one of Austin's most successful CEOs.

Founder and CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Tim League posted on Twitter Thursday after a post by tech blogger Sonny Dickson implied there could be a new "theater mode" function on the iPhone.

Dickson is a blogger who is well-known for leaking Apple insider info.

The Guardian also published a deeper look into the new update, speculating that the theater mode could include features like blocking incoming calls and messages and dimming the screen's brightness during a movie.

League’s tweet referred to the rumors. He wrote:

“If this enhancement turns out to be a means to make it easier to text in cinemas, I may have to book a ticket to Cupertino and pack my can of whoop-ass. I have confidence, however, that a fellow Tim [Apple CEO Tim Cook] would not make such a mistake.”

The tweet has gone viral on other tech blogs like IndieWire.

So far Apple has not responded to the rumors or specified what the theater-mode function would entail.

Dickson predicts it will be part of the update on January 10.