All of us have sent or received a text that reads a little funny.

Lacey Washington says she gets them all the time.

"Like my sister-in-law's text messages when auto-correct kicks in for her, I be like, 'Whoa, what are you talking about?'" she said.

Auto-correction is designed to fix our mistakes but can actually create even bigger ones.

The fails can get so funny, entire websites are dedicated to posting screengrabs of them!

An example from is a text sent to Sophia. It reads, "The whole office is complaining because I have tuna in my underwear," when that person meant "Tupperware."

Well, here's how you can fix it!

Step 1 is turn off auto-correction, and it's simple. Just tap Settings >>General >> Keyboard and toggle it off.

Step 2 is turn off predictive text. Go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard and turn off predictive.

If you chose to leave auto-correction on, Step 3 is to train it.

When auto-correction guesses the wrong word, press the x in the suggestion bubble. In time, it will learn your preferences.

Step 4 is to reset your keyboard dictionary to get rid of misspellings saved to your phone. Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> and Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Then again, you might want to keep auto-correct on for the entertainment value!