HOUSTON – While watching the University of Houston football game on Friday, fans were paying close attention to moves both on and off the field.

It’s because rumors have surfaced that head coach Tom Herman could be on another team’s sideline soon. The likely candidates include LSU and UT, according to multiple reports.

“Realistically, UH fans have to realize that UH is a pit stop for coaches like Herman,” said Miguel Padilla, a UH fan at Lucky’s Pub on Friday.

“I’m willing to give my earnings for him to stay, I’m pretty sure every Cougar fan would do the same,” said Ruben Vasquez.

At this point, the reports about Herman leaving are unsubstantiated. Even so, fans told KHOU 11 News things don’t look good.

“I have a feeling, even though we have the money because of Tilman Fertitta and the investors, that he’s still going to leave. It’s not about the money. It’s about the conference,” said Albert Enriquez.

This season, Houston fans were hoping their team would join the Big 12, but the conference decided not to expand.

“I think Herman should stay. But a school like LSU deserves a coach like Herman,” said Vasquez.

“Good for him and his family. Not a lot of people say that. UH fans love to root for their guy. But hey, what’s best for him is best for him. He’s a hell of a coach,” said Padilla.

That being said, the Coogs haven’t given up hope.

“Herman, if you’re hearing this, don’t leave! Please!” said Enriquez.