No one in Houston wants to relive the Texans playoff appearance in 2016. The problem is that they 30-0 blow-out loss to Kansas City was so bad it’s hard to forget.

“It was embarrassing,” Texans left tackle Duane Brown said. “We don’t want a repeat of that by any means. We’ve had a stretch of wins here, but we have to play our best football.”

That humiliating defeat has stuck with the Texans all year long.

“I’m pretty sure everybody that was here last year still has that bad taste in their mouth,” wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins said. “Gotta go to work this week.”

Whether it was the 4 interceptions by Brian Hoyer, or the questionable play call involving J.J. Watt in the red zone, absolutely nothing went right.

Luckily, they won’t be playing the Chiefs this time around. The opponent will be the Oakland Raiders.

“It’s been on our minds since last year when it happened,” cornerback A.J. Bouye said. “One thing that our coaches told us and even put it on ourselves, that’s what was motivating us when we were training in the offseason.”

“It’s going to be turned up even a notch. It’s going to be a fight out there, that’s what we’re looking forward to.”