Outside of NRG Stadium, Texans quarterback isn’t very popular these days. But inside those walls, his team still believes the embattled signal caller can get the job done.

“We have confidence in him,” left tackle Duane Brown said Monday. “No matter what’s being said about him outside of here, he comes in with the same attitude and the same positivity every day. So, he’s a great leader. We definitely have a lot of confidence in him.”

Osweiler’s latest performance in the Texans 21-13 loss to San Diego on Sunday has given his harshest critics more ammunition.

After the game, head coach Bill O’Brien was asked if there would be a change. He said no, and today he stood by his $72 million quarterback.

“Brock is our starting quarterback and that’s the way it is,” O’Brien said.

Osweiler was 22 of 37 for 246 yards and 3 interceptions. His passer rating for the season has dropped to 72.2 which is last among starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

“I think Brock will be the first one to tell you. I think there’s been very many times where he has been accurate and there’s been other times where he hasn’t been as accurate as he needs to be,” O’Brien said. “He’s working very hard to be as accurate and improve his accuracy all the time. We work hard on it with him.”

Osweiler took the blame after the game saying he felt that everyone around him played well enough to win and it was up to him to bring up his level of play.

While falling on the proverbial sword is admirable, his head coach and his teammates believe it doesn’t all fall at the feet of the quarterback and that they have to step up their game too.

“Just play better as a unit,” Brown said. “I think we didn’t really do as best as we could in pass protection to keep (Osweiler) still and give him the best chance to operate, so that’s probably what we can do to help his confidence, if anything.”

The Texans are one of two teams that have not scored at least 28 points this season.