HOUSTON – Rockets fans feel the NBA’s hottest team is overlooked despite carrying an 11-game winning streak into its nationally televised matchup against rival San Antonio Friday night.

The Rockets “Red Rowdies” rocked black at Toyota Center.

“(San Antonio is) always wearing their black jerseys,” said “Severe” Amir Borhani, a Rockets fan. “Guess what? We’re taking the black back. It’s our jersey now.”

The group’s wardrobe shift, encouraged by the team, away from red for the night intended to distract the visiting Spurs who ended Houston’s season last year.

“I talked a whole lot of mean mess on the news last year about them and they knocked us out,” Justin “Wildcard” Cox, another Rockets fan said. “So, we’re going to come destroy them.”

The Rockets have few peers in the association this season.

They sport just four losses and the NBA’s best record by two games. Yet some pre-game headlines put the Spurs first.

“That’s why we need a game like (this),” said Eric Wilburn, another Rockets fan. “I hope we beat them by 20, hopefully 30.”

“Beating San (Antonio) would really show all of the naysayers that we’re for real,” said Jenny “Rowdy Granny” Williams, another Rockets fan.

UPDATE: The Rockets beat the San Antonio Spurs 124-109 for their 12th straight victory Friday night at the Toyota Center. For the full game recap, click here.