After the Rockets Game 2 victory over the Thunder, it didn’t take forward Ryan Anderson very long to get back to work.

In fact, he did so as soon as the final buzzer sounded and the crowds were exiting Toyota Center.

Anderson went through shooting drills to try and snap out of the current funk he finds himself in. During the first two games of the playoffs, the sharp-shooter hasn’t made a shot from beyond the arc.

“Obviously I’m not trying to miss, I want to make them,” Anderson said before Game 3 on Friday. “I think that I’ve shot the ball well enough in my career to know that I can make them.”

Head coach Mike D’Antoni’s advice? Just keep shooting.

“We told him he can miss 20 before anyone is going to think anything,” D’Antoni said. “He will get it going and the thing is, we have a lot of them so there shouldn’t be any pressure on any of them.”

D’Antoni is right, the good thing about Anderson’s small dip in production is that his teammates have stepped up and filled in the gap.

Lou Williams and Eric Gordon both came up big in Game 2, scoring a combined 43 points. Anderson shot 42 percent from 3-point range this season and he knows things will go his way soon.

“There’s nothing I want to change up, it feel great,” Anderson said. “If you’ve noticed a couple of them, bounce around the rim 4 times and bounce out. Sometimes that happens.”

James Harden echoed those sentiments and says as a leader, he’s there to keep Anderson confident in his abilities which have helped the Rockets get this far.

“They’re pretty easy looks, so I just tell him to keep shooting,” Harden said Friday. “Literally work on it every single day. Go back to your training, your follow through, the small steps that got you to where you’re at and just have confidence."