These days, Brian Mann finds himself behind a desk.

He is the Associate Athletic Director of Development at Rice, but this former Dartmouth College quarterback has a story not many can tell.

“I think more than anything else, I just put it in the category of you never know what life is going to throw at you,” Mann said.

After his playing days in college, Mann signed with the Los Angeles Avengers of the arena league. Well, working in its shadow, Hollywood came unexpectedly calling.

“Right place right time,” Mann said with a laugh. “A producer from Paramount was using our facilities and looking to try out some actors to see they were athletic enough to be in a movie called ‘The Longest Yard’”

A tryout and impressive interview Adam Sandler later, and this kid from New England was a movie star.

Sort of.

“Somewhere in between and extra and an actor is a special ability extra,” Mann said. “That was the designation that the football players in those movies had.”

He worked as Sandler’s body double full of long days of complex shooting with unceremonious endings.

“You always film the play from the widest angle and get closer and closer as you go,” Mann said. “That means inevitably the hit, was the last thing we did for the day. We got as close they could be.”

Brian went on to also act in the movie ‘Invincible’ starring Mark Wahlberg. These were opportunities of a lifetime and through it all, he takes away one big thing.

“Try to say yes to every opportunity that comes along if it’s reasonable,” Mann said. “I had this opportunity to be in a movie and I took it and my life has never been the same.”