It was another disappointing weekend for Texans fans. The football team was crushed by the Los Angeles Rams 33-7.

Once again, some fans are throwing out Colin Kaepernick’s name as a replacement for injured quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The polarizing player is now on the cover of GQ magazine, named "Citizen of the Year" for his role in the National Anthem protests.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien confirmed last week the team has considered Kaepernick.

“There’s a lot of key players gone, so I would think it doesn’t hurt to bring Kaepernick in,” said Pak Tsui, a fan. “Be the good guy! He’s a great player. He deserves to be on a team, I think, so why not the Texans?”

“If we could get him, I think it would be a step in the right direction,” said Freddie Rodriguez.

However, others are against signing Kaepernick because of his politics. Many fans on social media say they’re boycotting the NFL altogether due to the protests.

“Keep (Savage) at QB because he acknowledges the flag and stands up for the National Anthem. Texans aren’t interested in best available talent,” said Ghassan Jiha on Facebook.

“I don’t care about their loss. I was so disappointed with them taking a knee a few games ago when the National Anthem played that we’re just done with the NFL. I wish they would learn some class from the Astros,” wrote Deanna Patro.