MINNEAPOLIS – Texans veteran Vince Wilfork has seen a lot in his time in the league.

Even he can be left at a loss for words.

After Sunday’s 31-13 loss at Minnesota, the big nose tackle was asked if he could pinpoint why this team gets off to slow starts on the road, all he could do was shake his head.

“Naw,” Wilfork said with a frustrated grin on his face. “We just have to watch the film, figure out a way to get better.”

Wilfork’s exasperation is one shared by the entire Texans fan base who is tired of seeing a team get blown out in games on the road.

It happened at Miami and Atlanta in 2015. This year, it was New England and now Minnesota.

“That’s two times facing an elite team and we didn’t look good,” Wilfork said Sunday. “It’s gut-check, it’s gut-check time.”

And yes, he’s surprised that this keeps happening.

“We’re way better than that, but we haven’t shown it,” Wilfork said. “Maybe I’m seeing things a little different, maybe I’m the one screwed up, but I thought we are better than that. Until we show it, that’s what we are.”

The veteran isn’t ready to start pointing fingers and he doesn’t agree with Bill O’Brien that it’s the head coach’s fault. It’s a collective effort to try and make this work.

“Any leader is going to take the blame, and he’s our leader.” Wilfork said. “There’s a bunch of guys in here that would point the finger at themselves too and I’m one of them. It’s not just one person that needs to get better, we all have to get better.”

The Texans have now been outscored on the road 58-13 this season.