It took Tom Savage’s addition to the list to push the Texans over the top, but Houston once again sits atop the NFL’s list of contract resources now on injured reserve.

Savage was placed on injured reserve this week with his concussion issue. Adding his $765,000 total salary cap figure in 2017 pushes Houston ahead of Washington as the team spending the most on injured players this season.

1. Texans- $52M
2. Redskins- $51.9M
3. Cardinals- $49M
4. Colts- $44.4M
5. Dolphins- $44.3M
6. Bears- $42.6M
7. Giants- $42.5M
8. Seahawks- $42.2M
9. Patriots- $38.9M
10. Packers- $36M

— Jason_OTC (@Jason_OTC) December 24, 2017

J.J. Watt obviously tops the Texans list, highlighting both the high-end players and total quantity (now 18) who will finish the season on the injured reserve.

Interestingly, the two quarterbacks barely make a dent. Savage with his $765,000 and Deshaun Watson at just over $2.5 million in cap hit (salary plus bonuses) are barely five percent of the total on IR.