HOUSTON (AP) — Brock Osweiler was supposed to be the solution to years of quarterback woes for the Houston Texans.

Through eight games, it's unclear if that's the case.

At times, such as during a fourth-quarter comeback against the Colts, Osweiler has looked worthy of the $72 million contract Houston used to lure him away from Denver.

But there have been other times, such as his performance in Houston's three road games , where Osweiler didn't look any better than the string of quarterbacks the Texans ran through last season.

The good news for the Texans is that they enter their bye 5-3 and leading the AFC South despite his inconsistent play and the loss of star defensive end J.J. Watt.

"There's been some good spots and I think there's obviously been some bad spots," Osweiler said. "But I think the thing that's encouraging is I feel like I'm getting better every single week and I feel like this football team is getting better every single week.

"So, there's plenty of room for improvement (and) fortunately we still have eight more games."

Though he's seemed rattled at times when he's struggled on the road, Osweiler never shows any cracks in public in his picture-perfect veneer off the field. He always says the right things, takes the blame when the offense sputters and vows to get better.

But those close to him know that he hears the criticism mounting with each bad road outing and that his struggles weigh on him.

"In this league everyone's striving for perfection, so when it doesn't go the way that we prepared or practiced or wanted the result to be we all die a little, so to say," offensive coordinator George Godsey said. "But he's been able to overcome that, a little bit of adversity so it's a good sign going into the next half of the season."

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