Lamar Miller is about to play in his first playoff game of his career.

He’s fired up for the opportunity, just not as much as his two biggest fans.

“I was speaking to my parents the other day. This is my first playoff game in five years. They’re more excited than me, but I just feel like it’s a regular game,” Miller said on Tuesday. “But this game - it counts. It’s either you win or you go home, so I’m pretty excited.”

Miller is set to return for the Texans on Saturday after missing the last two games of the regular season due to an ankle injury.

The rest has been perfect for a guy who has put in his fair share of work in 2016.

“Well, right now, I feel good. I feel like it’s Week 1,” Miller said. “I’ve been doing a lot of treatment, getting massages, doing the little things to prepare myself for this upcoming week. The workload was new to me, but I think overall I did a great job at just taking care of my body. It was just the little things that got to me, but I feel good right now.”

Miller rushed for 1,073 yards and 5 touchdowns this season. He carried the ball 268 times which is something he wasn’t used to before signing a contract with the Texans.

Now, he wants it all the time.

“Missing my first two games, it was kind of tough,” Miller said. “It was different for me, but you know I’m happy I’m back and I’m looking forward to helping this team.”

And his team, especially that offensive line is happy he’s back.

“It’s going to help tremendously,” left tackle Duane Brown said. “Lamar (Miller) is a great talent, 1,000-yard rusher, a lot of speed, brings a great dimension to our offense, so to have him in the lineup means a lot to us.”

Last time the Texans faced the Raiders, Lamar Miller crossed the 100-yard mark picking up 124 on the ground. He expects the same type of physical game on Saturday.

“I think the offensive line, they did a great job with just getting movement up front and I was just trying to be decisive and tried to make plays when my number was called,” Miller said. “So I think we just got to do a great job at just doing the same thing. Getting movement and, us as running backs, we got to be decisive, keep the chains moving and try to find a way to score some points.”